About Us


Why Litvak?

 In selecting a company name Artistic Director, Sadie Weinberg, chose to reclaim her husbands' lost family name.  The LITVAK family immigrated to the United States in the late 1800's from Eastern Europe.  When they arrived the family changed their name from 'Litvak' to 'Lane' to assimilate into American society.  For us, LITVAKdance symbols the reclaiming of our histories.  We are from places that span the globe and we strive to acknowledge our heritage and rich diversity while also honoring who we are today.  This is the bedrock of our company vision.

LITVAKdance is committed to growing the arts, particularly dance, in the NorthWest region of San Diego.  This is our home; we live here, we teach here, we work here, we were educated here, and we want to give back to our communities through the stories we tell with our moving bodies.