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a contemporary modern dance company based in the North County Coastal Region of San Diego


a CONTEMPORARY MODERN DANCE Company based in the NORTHern coastal region of SAN DIEGO

We are our history.  We make our future.



 LITVAKdance was inspired by two things: 1 To bring high caliber contemporary dance to NorthWest San Diego County 2 To make work that honors the diversity and personal history of the dancers and the region.  LITVAKdance is a platform to engage with both the growing north county dance community and the community at large. As Artistic Director, I want to present my work alongside dance makers and artists that I think are creating poignant work relevant to today's issues, while considering our past as a nation, state and region. I want our dancers and dances to ask big questions: about ourselves, the world around us, where we are and where we want to go from here. I believe that LITVAKdance houses some of the strongest and most dynamic dancers in San Diego, diverse in age, race, sexual orientation and personal history, representing who we are as a community.

Come see us Dance. Come Dance with us.


our mission:

LITVAKdance is committed to making accessible dance that engages and challenges; both as an educational tool for students and an enlightening artistic experience for diverse audiences.

LITVAKdance strives to make thoughtful, sometimes humorous, always insightful dance that considers the diverse populations and environmental challenges of Southern California.

Educate. Enlighten. Empower.


 come dance with us.

Open company class

With artistic Director Sadie Weinberg and Guest artists

sundays 9:30-11:00am,

performing arts workshop, Encinitas, CA